Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Oh yeah, I got my hair done this weekend! That should have been a highlight on my weekend list. Oops.

1. Please hold the door for others. If I'm just a few steps behind you, and you don't bother to hold the door, we will not be on good terms that day. And if it's raining/snowing/etc..., I might not talk to you for a week.

2. !!!!!!!!!! - This is not a good way to end a sentence. Neither is this ............. or this ???????????? Please try to keep your punctuation limited to just one. Ok? Thanks.

3. Do not talk on your cell phone when you are checking out. It's rude. You may not have any idea how rude you are being unless your have either been a cashier or you have been behind someone that has done this. I will give you the stink eye.

4. Just because you hang balls from the back of your truck does not make you cool. Is that really the image you want to present to people you don't even know? I hope the answer is no. Help me, help you. Grow up.

5. Don't say you don't like/hate something you haven't tried. If everyone took on that same attitude, the world would be terrible place. Give it a try, or shut up.

Knock it off! Any other pet peeves that I can add to the list? Feel free to share below.


  1. Chew, swallow and THEN you can talk to me.

  2. I just laughed out loud. Made my day Ashley, seriously.

  3. Have you tried hanging balls from the back of your car??????? Then don't say you hate it!!!!!!!!

  4. Love the hair! I have to highlight mine sometime soon too, before Alli's wedding. Need to balance with all the black I'm wearing. And sorry, I am guilty of #2 sometimes, but usually when I'm really excited about something-like seeing you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe :) Oh, and haha Nick.

  5. I like that your cat is creeping in the background of your pic. Oh and your hair looks fab too! :)