Thursday, May 31, 2012


Please pardon my absence. Andrew packed away my camera cord, and I won't be finding it for a few days. To tide you over, here is a picture of Calypso getting ready for the move. 

Next week:
Memorial Day Weekend Recap
My New Hair
New Dog?

Stay tuned...

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Let's talk house for a min. I'm so excited! Today I was responsible and did some grown-up things like switching our utilities and emailing our insurance about the roof. Feel free to pat me on the back the next time you see me.


Now! For the fun things! Check out this awesome thing I found online. So on Sherwin-Williams website, they have an app that let's you virtually paint your walls. How cool is that? (They didn't even have pay me to say that! Although, they maybe should.) I took some time and messed around in the living room for a bit. The consensus was the middle one, but I'm not so sure. I prefer choice number one myself.

via pinterest

Pinterest has been a great in helping me find so many great ideas that I will never afford or be able to put together myself. But a girl can dream! I think mostly I just put too much thought into it. I don't want everything to be matchy-matchy, so I should just buy the things I like and it will bring itself together.

via martha stewart

There are a few things I have my eye on. I would like to call my ideas eclectic, but mostly I just hope that it doesn't look like I just threw a bunch of shit together in a room.

I think maybe it will be easier once we actually get into the house. I can't wait to do the before and after pics. One more week!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Friday night was good and bad. We went out for dinner and drinks, but I also learned that my Aunt Linda passed away.

Saturday, I was a huge bum. I even convinced Andrew that we shouldn't do the 7k run we had signed up for. I just wasn't in the mood. But that meant that we got to go out for some mexican food for lunch. And then Andrew made me make a hair appointment, and I made him call Jody at Oz Tattoo to get the ball rolling on his first tattoo. After we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant, we went to the Humane Society to get some walking in. I found a big fat cat to love. His name is Mr. Weasley, and he weighs a healthy 16 pounds. Someone should go adopt him right meow.

giant hogwarts sticker

Then we went to Target, and we saw this on the way. It was a highlight of the day. That night I babysat, and Andrew played video games.

On Sunday, Andrew went golfing with the guys, and I attempted to be productive. At one point in the day, I was sure that I had lost the cat. I had left the patio door open because of the nice weather, and I thought Erin escaped. Have no fear! I found her sleeping in the dryer. How she got in there, I'm not sure. I'm a great cat mom.

The End!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Calypso trying to play it cool.

Home ownership can't come soon enough! On Monday, after just getting back from having lunch with Andrew at our apartment, I missed three phone calls from him and then got a text saying, "Our apartment is on fire." Oh, great... I immediately called him back to find out what the heck was going on! It turns out that the apartment below us had a fire start in their dryer. The first thing I ask about is the cats. Thankfully, he was able to grab them and (not very nicely) put them in their carriers and took them to the car. Andrew said that there were five fire trucks there in no time, and I think they got everything under control pretty quickly. After making sure that the fire hadn't spread to our laundry room, everything quieted down.

With the exception of a lingering smell of campfire the last couple of days, I think everything is going to be just fine. Is it June yet?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


make a gif

 Well, this weekend recap isn't so much about the weekend as it is about Mother's Day. No, it's not my favorite holiday. I love my mom, but I think I'm really going to love being an AUNT!

Proud Mama! Happy Mother's Day, Lisa!

Chris and Lisa showed everyone up with the one thing mom has been asking for since as they got married. Heck! Even before that she would hint at her eagerness to be a g-ma. Well, on Sunday all of her wishes came true. Screw our gifts! They win! Oh, and they also win for the best Christmas present. December 25 is her due date.

Dad's Reaction!

I can't wait to spoil a little girl or boy. Andrew is already convinced that it's a boy, but I can't wait until he is wrong. I've tapped into my pregnancy psychic powers and am happy to report that it will be a girl. Everyone should start buying pink now.

The kid's dad. 

Now we just have to figure out what to call g-ma and g-pa. Ideas?


Also, Lindsey's birthday was on Monday. Overshadowed again... Happy birthday Lin!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I drove past the house on my lunch break and saw this wonderful sight! I was beginning to think that they were never going to add the sold flag to the sign. Naturally, I had to get out and take some pictures. Next time we stop by, maybe I can get a picture of Andrew and I in front of it. Isn't that what every homeowner does?

Also, we were able to meet some of our neighbors on Saturday when we snuck out of Pop's b-day party to show the place to my cousins and my aunt. We were able to meet our neighbor to the South and across the street. One of them even knew my aunt that was with us. Small world!

On our way back to the party, we passed a few houses and realized how close we were to a few people we already knew and, oddly enough, they were at the party! So we talked with them about the neighborhood and got some info about the neighborhood association. The association holds a monthly meeting that is more about hanging out with your neighbors than anything else. I was told they all frequent the bar down the street after the meeting. I think I'm going to like these people!

Now if only we could get out of our lease... Keep your fingers crossed as I attempt to track down someone at our apartment's corporate office to get this sorted out. It's been four days of phone tag so far. Sigh...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The birthday boy!

My favorite gpa turned 93 in April. And for that, we celebrate! The party had to be postponed from it's original date, but we lucked out and had very good weather on Saturday. Andrew and I prepped for the party with a little bit of this...

At the party were the usual Morrison suspects...

There were a few other regulars there too, and other that I hadn't seen in quite awhile.

After the "official" party was over, the big kids were able to hang out for a bit longer and there might have been some slap bags, icing, and other shenanigans.

It was so nice to be able to get together with everyone to celebrate such a special occasion! I hope next year, we can have his party at our house!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Last weekend, we went to DM to see a few friends and to help Mat and Ashley break in their new apartment. I think we did well.

Feast on Friday night
A very intense ending to Cards Against Humanity
Wii Party:  
I don't know if this is what it was actually called, but it was so much fun.
I actually bowled really well for once! Also, we made bets during out two games. I lost one and Andrew lost one. We agreed to make each other dinner over the next two Sundays.
I-Cubs game: 
We sat front row, Alex got a game ball, and we got to chat with one of the players (Paul Phillips)
Drinks downtown: 
There was a gentleman who was terribly drunk and said some pretty terrible things until he got kicked out. It was pretty funny. Oh, and there were shots!

Freaking freezing weather for the baseball game
Mean cab drivers who take the long way home

I know I'm a little behind on life right now. Bear with me while I try to catch up!