Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Although we didn't get around to taking Cora to see the Easter bunny, or to an Easter egg hunt, and I forgot to get treats to put in the Easter eggs in her basket, I think Cora really enjoyed her first Easter.

She was a little restless during church (also her regular nap time), but she loved watching the kids play the bells. She also couldn't eat any of the candy, but I guess there was more for me! Annnnnd she is still too little to find Easter eggs with her cousins, but a ride on her uncle's shoulders is just as good.

After spending the day at my mom's house, that little girl slept like a rock - and so did Irvin after getting plenty of play time with Axel.

Hope you all had a joyous day!

Monday, February 27, 2017


Reading: I feel like I have been abandoning books left and right. I'm currently reading Imagine Heaven by John Burke, and I'm not jazzed about it. I really love hearing about the experiences people have during their near death experiences, but this book is just all over the place. I already have another book at hold on at the library. What to do...?

Watching: Well Andrew and I zipped through The OA on Netflix - a show about a women who's story revolves around near death experiences. Are you sensing a theme here? We are also sooooo far behind on The Walking Dead. I just feel like we have no time for tv - at least when we are together. 

Listening to: Andrew and I are going to the Johnnyswim concert later this week, and they have been on repeat lately. 

Thinking about: I've been trying to have a new experience each month. In January, I got a chemical peel (it was just okay). In February, I took a calligraphy class (way harder than I thought it would be). I'm excited to try something new each month, and I'm excited to see where the year takes me!

Loving: I have been working hard to finish Cora's quilt. I really, really want to have it done before her first birthday. There is still so much to do, but I keep thinking about how this can be something she can keep for years to come! So with each finished block, I love it a little bit more. 

Looking forward to: Fish fry is right around the corner! I'm excited to take Cora to her first one. I'm even going to have a shirt made for her! Oh, I can't wait. 

Making me happy: Cora is learning something new all of the time! She is growing up so fast, and while it makes me happy to see her grow, it also makes each moment a little bit sweeter. Don't get me wrong, we have our struggles. There are days and nights where I need a break, and she just doesn't want to cooperate. But I find myself taking small snapshots of the sleepy snuggles and goofy antics.

Monday, January 30, 2017


This weekend, Andrew's parents came to town for a last minute visit. It had been almost a month since we saw them in Dubuque for Christmas, and they were excited to see Cora again.

+ Our first stop after their arrival was at The Casual Pint to show them where Andrew spends a couple of nights each week
 - Andrew broke about three glasses at The Casual Pint. Luckily, they were pretty cool about it, but I told them to take it out of his paycheck.

+ On Saturday, we headed to Lauritzen Gardens to check out the latest LEGO sculptures. Andrew had never been before, and I am always amazed with the work that goes into them.
+ We grabbed some lunch at Farnam House before scoring some pretty great deals in the Bargain Cave at Cabella's
+ I had dinner in the slow cooker at home and we headed back so Cora could have some down time.
- After Cora woke up from her nap, she had a low grade temp and no appetite...
+ After putting her to bed, we introduced Jim and Steph to our current favorite board games Ticket to Ride and Exploding Kittens
- We had plans to go to brunch on Sunday morning, but Cora's temp had spiked to 102F overnight.

+ Although Sunday because a lazy day because Cora was sick, I was so glad for the extra cuddles.
+ Thankfully, by Monday morning she was feeling much better. We kept her home, just to play it safe and I think she had fun hanging with dad all day!

Sick babies make for an exhausting weekend, and I'm so glad she is on the mend! What fun things did you do?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Cora had her first Halloween last week! As much as I had hoped that it would a magical event, she had other ideas. I had grand plans to get everyone dressed up and trick-or-treat at the neighbor's houses, she thought it would be a good night to go to bed at 6:15 PM.

my pumpkin / cousins / irvin / andrew's jack-o-lantern

So while I spent far too much time working on and stressing about her chicken costume (and our themed accompanying costumes*), I might have been better suited to stick with the $5 hot dog costume I bought on a Facebook swap group. I totally could have been mustard and Andrew would rock the hot dog vendor outfit. I guess you live and you learn... babies just don't appreciate Halloween as much as they should.

we like to sing a song about cat pants, it goes like this...
"cat pants... ch,ch,ch,ch,ch. cat pants... ch,ch,ch,ch,ch." 

Either way, Andrew and I spent the evening enjoying some fall brews, carving pumpkins, watching The Shining, and handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Bonus: Irvin dressed up like a lion and the kids loved it. So, I guess it wasn't the worst Halloween ever!

*which we didn't even get a picture of, and I might make us get dressed up just for the photo opp because I made her chicken pants, damnit!

Monday, October 17, 2016


This last weekend, Cora experienced her first trip to the pumpkin patch! Vala's Pumpkin Patch is a popular October destination, and we were excited to share this with her.

Although Cora isn't old enough to really experience all that this place has to offer, I think she still enjoyed herself. Cora loved looking at all of the animals and sleeping. Andrew and I enjoyed a delicious piece of triple berry pie and the beautiful weather. It will be fun to see how her (and our) experience changes as she grows!

Thanks to our friends Matt and Jenny for asking us to tag along!

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Andrew practiced the whole month of April

Well, he is at it again! Do you remember when he initially grew a mustache for Steve and Amber's wedding? I don't know if it will be that epic, but it will be worth it.

mustache throwback

This year, Andrew is participating in Mustaches for Kids. Mustaches for Kids is a local nonprofit that recruits male growers in the month of May to grow mustaches and raise money for a local children's charity. This year, that charity is Youth Emergency Services!

I'm really excited to have Andrew jump on this bandwagon, and I'm even more excited that YES is the Charity Partner of the Year! It's really a win for everyone.

If you want to support Andrew's face, follow this link - - to make your donation. A gift of any amount gets his that much closer to the coveted Selleck Society (he gets a fancy button, ok?)

Friday, May 6, 2016


baby bump / irvin / erin in a box / LNA meeting

Reading: The Girl in the Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz. I have to say that when I initially started reading this, I was very skeptical. I felt like the book was a cheat because it wasn't written by Stieg Larsson. Additionally, the book was hard to start. Lots of foreign names, new characters, etc... I'm now 3/4 of the way through, and I really am enjoying it. As it goes on, it feels more and more like it fits in with the series. 

I also halfway finished Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee before I had to move on. I was dreading reading it because the story is so slow to progress. Lee passed away while I was in the middle of it, and I will finish because I feel a sense of obligation. I don't think it will be one of my favorites unfortunately... 

Watching: 11.22.63 on Hulu was fantastic! I didn't think I would actually get into it, but it really was engaging. We are now flipping between Master of None and Last Man on Earth (I don't even know how/why we started that one). Of course we are all caught up on Girls, and anxiously await Sundays for Game of Thrones. YAS!

Listening to: The Lumineers recently came out with a new album, and it's been on repeat. We also have gotten addicted to Chris Stapleton - so good! Now if only we could find reasonably priced tickets to his sold out show on July 1. 

Thinking about: When is this baby going to finally come?!? Yesterday was my due date, and I'm getting very impatient. This baby is taking up all of my insides and it has become very hard to sleep, walk, eat, and breathe (you know, the essentials to maintain life). 

Loving: Working on the house! Andrew and I have been in baby prep mode which did wonders for the nursery. We even got a new dining room light fixture and are working on improvements to the windows. 

Looking forward to: Summer. Andrew and I will be on family leave for most of it. I can't wait to meet the little person we made and enjoying the warmer weather as a family. 

Making me happy: Sunshine! It has been so dreary the last few weeks (thanks, April), and I love the sunshine and warmth that May has brought so far.