Wednesday, September 10, 2014


On our actual anniversary, we spent the evening being disappointed with a Green Bay loss to the Seattle Seahawks... but I think we made up for it this weekend.

On Friday, Andrew and I celebrated three years of marriage with a quick trip out of town to a local vineyard. Not only does Slattery Vintage Estates have a great selection of wine in their tasting room, but they also offer a limited appetizer and dinner menu and on-site bungalows to rent for the night.

This trip was a complete surprise for Andrew. He had no idea where we were going or what we were up to, and I think in the end he was pleasantly surprised.

We spent the evening sampling wines, talking, and playing cards.

The weather wasn't the best... it was rainy and cold, but we made the best of it. Luckily, all of the bungalows have space heaters and we brought an extra blanket. Phew!

Just like camping, we were up with the sun and back to our nice warm car.

It was a great quick getaway, and I'm really glad we took some time for ourselves.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Last weekend, I got a new car! Once we decided that this was something we could afford, it didn't take much searching to find exactly what I was looking for. Andrew spotted a 2013 white Subaru Outback online, and I knew I had to have it!

The one downfall was that my new car was in South Dakota. Luckily, the dealership was willing to meet in the middle and last Saturday Andrew and our friend Elliott went to pick it up. Everything checked out, and it's all mine!

All was fine and dandy, but within 24 hours of ownership someone hit my car. I was sitting at a stop light when I felt a bump from behind. I quickly put on my flashers and jumped out to check out the damage. I knew this guy was no good when he immediately said, "You hit me!" Oh really? I told him that we would need to pull over to double check the damage, and when walking back to my car I noticed he didn't have any plates. Sure enough, he just drove away. Go figure! Luckily, it was only a scratch.

Now that I have been driving it for a week it's starting to feel real. I feel very fortunate, and I'm glad to finally have a safe, reliable vehicle for many years to come.

Anyone looking to buy a 2001 Chrysler Sebring? :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Sister birthday celebration > fair pumpkin > Em & I made a pie > Alicia & Elliott at Simon's birthday party

Reading: I just finished reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. It was really good in the beginning, meh in the middle, and pretty good at the end. 7/10 On to my next read, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. I remember when I was younger I would get so excited for her weekly column in the Omaha World Herald. I can't wait to really dive into this YA book!

Watching: There is this show called Backyard Farmer on PBS, and I cannot get enough. I have learned so many thing about gardening, bugs, and lawn care. I will probably never put any of this new found knowledge to use, but I sure do love it!

Listening to: I just discovered The Wind and the Wave. I already think it might be my official album for fall, but I'm open to other suggestions.

Thinking about: Andrew and I have already decided that it would probably be a good idea to host a Halloween party. October 31 will be here before you know it, and that means I need to get to work dreaming about all of the Halloween crafts that I will never finish. Time to get to work!

Loving: Getting stuff done! I recently made a bedskirt, and I have a few other projects on my plate. It feels so good to cross some things off my list.

Looking forward to: Andrew is taking is month-long sabbatical from work in November-December. I'm looking forward to putting him to work and spending some extra time together. I think we might even be planning a trip!

Making me happy: Spending time with my Omaha friends.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It's August, and that means it's time for another day at the fair! The night before, Emily and I prepared a list of the must-see and eat items.

Pineapple Inside-Out Funnel Cake - Check!
Iowa State Alumni Wall - Check!
Quilt expo - Check!
Iowa Craft Beer Tent - Check!

We didn't go on any rides or visit the animal discovery center... but there is always next year!

Oh, and then there was this one time that Emily almost getting trampled by a Clydesdale. That was fun!

Did you go to the fair this year? What's your favorite fair food?

Friday, August 15, 2014


Wanna see some super cute babies? I found these pictures in at my parent's house when I was visiting last month.

Just in case you can't tell... Mikey / Lindsey / Ashley

Those are some good looking kiddos. Ok, some stages are cuter than others! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Last week, we took Erin to the vet to finish up a set of tests. We learned that she still isn't getting enough insulin, and we will have to increase her dosage again... I'm so glad she is starting to feel better and act more like herself, but it's disheartening to hear about the increase.

We also had them test the pressure behind her eyes to try to determine the cause of the goop we are currently seeing in her left eye. We were told that her pressure is extremely high (Normal range: 12-21, Erin's left eye: 88, Erin's right eye: 44), and she most likely has glaucoma. Now in addition to the insulin, she will need eyedrops everyday. Poor kitty...

It's hard to imagine her not being a part of our family, and hopefully it doesn't come to that anytime soon. She just is really struggling to stay healthy right now, but we will continue to love and care for her.

Please send Erin all of your good thoughts!

Monday, June 30, 2014


While I spent some time away from my blog, I have started (and finished) a few projects around the house. I thought that I would share them!

>> I made a super cool painting!

It's gold, and it's hard to capture in a pic. Use your imagination.

>> We painted the front door!

>> We fixed our door handle!

>> I painted an orange accent wall in the guest bedroom and painted our entryway!

>> I installed a key safe!

I think I actually said, "I'm handy as f---!" after installing this.

Phew. On to the next projects! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


favorite lil' human >> coby taking it all in >> calypso feeling out some tunes

Reading: After quitting on another book (Little Bee by Chris Cleave), I have finally started on a book I want to read - Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. It's so good, so far! I have picked out another four books that I want to read after this one, and I really want to get through all of them in record time. 

Watching: Homeland. I really cannot get enough. If you haven't started watching this, do it. Now! If I had access to all of the episodes, I would be caught up by now. But alas, I will wait until my regular babysitting fam calls me up so that I can cram at least three episodes in after the kids are asleep. 

Listening to: Echosmith and First Aid Kit. On repeat. 

Loving: Coby and I have both been really enjoying our nightly walks. He get really worn out, and I know it's so good for both of us. 

Looking forward to: I really wish I had an upcoming vacation to write about here. Wouldn't that be nice? Instead, I'm looking forward to the 4th of July. Emily and I are putting together a killer menu, and I need to get started on some craft projects. Oh, and you better believe I just placed an order for some awesome "star spangled hammered" koozies. It's happening!

Making me happy: I'm back to focusing on me. It's been a long time, and I was really in a funk. It took me awhile to realize what was happening, but I think I'm getting back on track. 

Friday, June 13, 2014


Well, I have gotten a lot of flack (ummm....EMILY!) for my extreme list of goals. I agree! It's very ambitious, and I won't be able to complete them all. Sometimes (almost always) I get motivation from seeing it documented somewhere. It's only been a few months, but I'm getting started! 

Host a dinner party >>  Emily was there for this one! Andrew wanted to test out our new smoker, and we had a group of people over for dinner. We started with drinks outside, ate dinner pretty late (isn't that what you do at a dinner party?) , and ended with card games and a bonfire. I think it counts! DONE!

YNPN (not brunch club)

Become involved in a young professionals group >> Well, I guess I did a little more than get involved. I actually started a group. I'm hoping to form a chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network in Omaha. We had our first happy hour last month, and I deem it a success! It will need more work to really get off the ground, but I think I can cross this off. DONE!

Start a brunch club >> I have met up with a group of girls in March and May (and we are planning to meet in June!) for brunch at a couple of different places in town. I can't wait to report on all the new places we try! DONE! 

Three down, soooo many more to go. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


While my boss (who isn't much of a dog lover) was away on vacation, we had a dog day at work! I was so excited to bring Coby in. As usual, he was well behaved and actually made himself right at home.

At one point, he decided the lobby was the best place to nap. He soon lost his lobby privileges because he barked when he thought someone was walking toward the door. At least he is a good guard dog.

Overall, having Coby with me made for a very relaxed day. If only he could come with me every day!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


MAY 30 - JUNE 2: Last weekend was another three day weekend. I know... life is rough. Andrew was supposed to be gone all weekend (Thursday - Sunday) at a bachelor party in the Quad Cities, but ended up coming home on Friday after getting pretty sick. So although he was still recovering on Friday and Saturday, we were able to enjoy each other's company on Sunday and Monday!

A few of the things we did: brunch/lunch, day drinks, and First Aid Kit concert. Also, we went to Borgota Brewery and on a scale of 1 to New Belgium, I give it a "meh..."

In reality, we almost missed the First Aid Kit show after I logged onto purchase tickets Saturday night and there was only ONE left. I snatched it up real quick, and (after a few tears and a lot of anxiety - all on my end) we bought one more ticket on StubHub. Lesson learned: If the band is also featured in Rolling Stones that month, make sure you purchase tickets EARLY. Ok? Ok.

JUNE 6-8: This weekend, we were super lame. Not only did we stay in on Friday night, but I made Andrew come babysit with my on Saturday night because... um... they have Showtime and we are addicted to Homeland. Other than that, we visited my grandpa and I had to work on Sunday.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Friday: Our neighbor's had they yearly "End of School" bash. We spent the last few days smelling all of the meat that Lisa was smoking, and we knew we couldn't miss it. We met some new people and had fun doing what we do best!

Saturday: I had brunch with my lady friends at a new brunch place called Over Easy. (Good stuff!) I also hit up the fabric store before I made my way home. When I got there, Andrew surprised me when he suggested we take a road trip. He didn't tell me where we were going, but I knew it would be fun. We ended up in Lincoln at a brewery we hadn't been to yet! We got back to town, grabbed some dinner, and headed to the movies to see the new X-Men movie with one of Andrew's coworkers. (More good stuff!)

Sunday: I spent the afternoon at my Aunt Carolyn's house as we celebrated my cousin's son's baptism. There were people there that I hadn't seen in awhile, and it was nice to catch up. Andrew had to work that night, but we were able to squeeze in a few hours of together time before he had to head out.

Monday: It didn't feel like much of a holiday. I spent the day doing things around the house until Andrew got up. Before he headed to work again, we grilled out and watched the Cardinals play baseball. Just doing our part as Americans.

>> Coby helped me bake! <<

In all honesty, I was a little disappointed. I should have started making plans as soon as I knew that Andrew had to work. Instead, I just ended up spending a lot of time catching up on 48 Hours. At least we have some extra room in the DVR!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This last weekend, we headed north to visit Andrew's side of the family. Jenny and Chris live in MN, and I'm always up for a good road trip. It wasn't long enough, and I could have stayed a few extra days, but it was worth it.

We hadn't been together since Thanksgiving, and that is just too long. To make up for it, we chatted, ate, drank, and made plans for the next time we see each other. I also drank way too much coffee, decided that I can handle a puppy if it's as cute/well behaved as Brendan's dog Zeda, and scored some good finds at a local consignment store. Yup, it was a good weekend.

I did miss seeing my family. Watching them all hang out on the porch while Mason played in the yard made me miss home. I am very thankful that they live close enough that we can have a Morrison Easter sometime soon.

Hope everyone had a hoppy Easter! Cheers!

Monday, April 14, 2014


This weekend included the last fish fry of the 2014, neighborhood clean up, and two birthday celebrations!

Helping Matt celebrate his 25th birthday

So many laughs playing a picture version of the game "Telephone"

Massage somehow became Jaws Coliseum. Hmmm.

Spending time with my family to celebrate Pop's 95th birthday
Rainy day naps

Saying goodbye to fish fry until next year
Getting up early to take care of pets

Overall, I really loved this weekend. It was a little busy, but I was happy to be spending time with the people I care about most.

ps. I really promise to start taking better pics...

Monday, March 24, 2014


This last week, we learned that our kitty, Erin, has diabetes...

After seeing her drink an exceptional amount of water everyday, I knew that we had to get her into the vet. They did a few tests, and they were able to determine pretty quickly that diabetes was the cause. Although it was nice to have answers, it's disheartening to know that she will have to deal with this for the rest of her life. Our life will now consist of twice daily insulin shots, a special diet, and monitoring of her behavior so her levels don't dip too low. It will be a challenge, it will be frustrating, but she is worth it.

Hiding behind Andrew at the vet...

I know this must seem really silly, especially to those who don't have pets, but our pets are like family. And just like family, I want to make sure that all of our pets are healthy and happy.

Please send us all good thoughts!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Andrew's sister, Jenny, has a March birthday so we sent her this snapchat!

1. Mail subscriptions
    I recently signed up for Graze and Stitch Fix. I have already got one box from Graze, and I love it! New, fun, portable snack packs every month, ok! My Stitch Fix will come at the end of the month, and I'm sure you will be hearing about it. I also received a stationary subscription for Christmas, and I love it! I love mail! Hooray!

2. Apples and yogurt
    Why had I never thought of this before? Chop up an apple, throw it in with some yogurt. Bam! Best snack ever.

3. Open windows
    It's now occasionally warm enough that I can drive with my windows down and open the windows and let the breeze blow through the house. Ahhhhh. Fresh air! This winter has seemed longer than most, and I'm so ready for spring.

What makes your heart happy lately?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


It's the most wonderful time of the year! As soon as my birthday is over, I start dreaming of spring, days at the dog park, backyard barbecues, and fish fry. And two weeks ago, my daydreams became a reality. Fish fry had begun!

I really do love everything fish fry. Long lines, terrible parking, and stinky clothes. Ahhhh... It's all worth it!

But one thing was missing from the first fish fry of the year... One of the beloved fish fry staples had passed away the night before. He will be missed!

And although some things change, the spirit of fish fry lives on! You can be sure that the Morrison family will be there in full every week.

See you next Friday!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


During Omaha Beer Week, Andrew sent me on a beer run for him while he made me some dinner. No problem-o. When I walked into Beertopia, what do I see? Oh, you know... just the founder of Odell! Say what?!?

Doug Odell was there for an in store promotion of their latest release "Tree Shaker." So lucky for me, I was able to bring home Andrew a very cool surprise. Best beer wife every? Yup.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


About a week before my birthday, I started thinking about how far I have come in my life and all that I have accomplished. I am married, I own my own home, and I have a job I love. But I also never want to stop learning and growing and just being a better me. I also really love lists.

me and my fav 14 mo old

With that in mind, I decided to start thinking of all of the things I wanted to do before I turned 30 in just a few short years. I may be in a bit over my head, and I should really get started on this list if I want to make it a reality. But I think writing it down and having a sense (even a false one) of accountability is a good idea.

Although I originally started the list with the goal of 30-before-30 in mind, I didn't quite make it that far. I really thought about what I wanted to do, and I didn't want to just fill it up with junk just to make it sound good. So instead of something that sounds marketable, you get a list of 25. Cool, huh?

1 / Take a calligraphy class
2 / Learn to play the cello or ukulele
3 / Learn Spanish
4 / Go to Europe
5 / Host a dinner party
6 / Take a vacation with my parents (Alaskan cruise, maybe?)
7 / Remodel kitchen/basement
8 / Learn to stand up paddle board
9 / Get another tattoo
10 / Journal weekly
11 / Become involved in a young professionals group
12 / Go to a music festival
13 / Read five classic books
14 / Complete full size quilt
15 / Learn to tailor my own clothes
16 / Simplify, downsize, and declutter closets, rooms, and storage
17 / Digitize and organize old photos
18 / Be debt free with the exception of the mortgage
19 / Run two more half marathons
20 / Go on a bike adventure
21 / Get certification in nonprofits
22 / Start a brunch club
23 / Make a stop motion video
24 / Volunteer
25 / Go to SNL

Maybe it will change, maybe it will grow, maybe it will shrink... but I think it's a pretty good place to start!

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Friday was Valentine's day, and Andrew always asks if he can give me my birthday presents because he is highly impatient. I always insist on waiting because I want my birthday to feel like my birthday.

So although I didn't get any presents on Valentine's day, I was so glad to be able to spend the weekend with him. I also did give him one pretty b.a. Packers t-shirt as his gift!

It's been a long time since we have had that kind of time together and it was so nice. We just relaxed, watched tv, and ate good food. So although it doesn't sound exciting to most people, I felt like we were celebrating the entire time.

Selfie of my scarf!

On Monday (my actual birthday), Andrew started the morning by making me one of my favorite breakfasts. Although I then had to go to work, I was able to leave a bit early so we could spend some extra time together. We spent the afternoon browsing the stores at the new outlet mall in Omaha. Andrew gave me a beautiful scarf from Anthro and a gift card so I could pick up a few other things. Love it! Later that night, we made dinner together and spent some time catching up on some shows before I went to bed.

I feel like everything we did over this holiday weekend really shows my age, but I am so ok with it. Here's to another year of getting that much closer to 30 and acting like I'm 80. Cheers!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This weekend was all about beer! Another a weekend of Extreme Beerfest is in the books. I'm so glad I was able to spend the weekend with some of my friends. We had such a good time and stayed up way too late, but the pain I felt on Sunday seemed well worth it.

Thanks to everyone for coming and for making the weekend another one to remember!

Friday, February 14, 2014


Well since we just had Girls Weekend last weekend, I thought I would take a look back on past weekends with the ladies. Enjoy!

November 2011

February 2012

February 2013