Friday, June 13, 2014


Well, I have gotten a lot of flack (ummm....EMILY!) for my extreme list of goals. I agree! It's very ambitious, and I won't be able to complete them all. Sometimes (almost always) I get motivation from seeing it documented somewhere. It's only been a few months, but I'm getting started! 

Host a dinner party >>  Emily was there for this one! Andrew wanted to test out our new smoker, and we had a group of people over for dinner. We started with drinks outside, ate dinner pretty late (isn't that what you do at a dinner party?) , and ended with card games and a bonfire. I think it counts! DONE!

YNPN (not brunch club)

Become involved in a young professionals group >> Well, I guess I did a little more than get involved. I actually started a group. I'm hoping to form a chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network in Omaha. We had our first happy hour last month, and I deem it a success! It will need more work to really get off the ground, but I think I can cross this off. DONE!

Start a brunch club >> I have met up with a group of girls in March and May (and we are planning to meet in June!) for brunch at a couple of different places in town. I can't wait to report on all the new places we try! DONE! 

Three down, soooo many more to go. 


  1. All I want to know is when is stand up paddle board class?

  2. Great job with the YPNP! I'm so proud of you, friend. Also, I want to join you for brunch club someday! :)