Sunday, June 8, 2014


MAY 30 - JUNE 2: Last weekend was another three day weekend. I know... life is rough. Andrew was supposed to be gone all weekend (Thursday - Sunday) at a bachelor party in the Quad Cities, but ended up coming home on Friday after getting pretty sick. So although he was still recovering on Friday and Saturday, we were able to enjoy each other's company on Sunday and Monday!

A few of the things we did: brunch/lunch, day drinks, and First Aid Kit concert. Also, we went to Borgota Brewery and on a scale of 1 to New Belgium, I give it a "meh..."

In reality, we almost missed the First Aid Kit show after I logged onto purchase tickets Saturday night and there was only ONE left. I snatched it up real quick, and (after a few tears and a lot of anxiety - all on my end) we bought one more ticket on StubHub. Lesson learned: If the band is also featured in Rolling Stones that month, make sure you purchase tickets EARLY. Ok? Ok.

JUNE 6-8: This weekend, we were super lame. Not only did we stay in on Friday night, but I made Andrew come babysit with my on Saturday night because... um... they have Showtime and we are addicted to Homeland. Other than that, we visited my grandpa and I had to work on Sunday.


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