Monday, March 30, 2015


Alicia and I headed to Des Moines right after work on Friday to make the most of our weekend there. Emily greeted us with snacks, and the fun began!

Thank goodness Tessa was there to help us get started. 

The weekend included:
- Drinks, basketball, conversations about the ugliest person you would have sex with (please just go watch Broad City already), and calling the cops on a very intoxicated man who thought it was okay to drive.
- A morning full of coffee and antique shopping... Alicia's favorites!
- A craft project that took nearly five hours - it was totally worth it, and I'm not even being sarcastic.
- A sightseeing trip to the neighborhood Hy-Vee, two trips to Hobby Lobby, and a fun car ride featuring Nickleback.
- Three episodes of Broad City, one full Otis Redding album, and three games of Sequence.

CW// HyVee trip - Alicia's find - Weird/cool mural

Oh, and I taught Mickey to bow when I bowed at him. Karate!