Thursday, May 10, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I drove past the house on my lunch break and saw this wonderful sight! I was beginning to think that they were never going to add the sold flag to the sign. Naturally, I had to get out and take some pictures. Next time we stop by, maybe I can get a picture of Andrew and I in front of it. Isn't that what every homeowner does?

Also, we were able to meet some of our neighbors on Saturday when we snuck out of Pop's b-day party to show the place to my cousins and my aunt. We were able to meet our neighbor to the South and across the street. One of them even knew my aunt that was with us. Small world!

On our way back to the party, we passed a few houses and realized how close we were to a few people we already knew and, oddly enough, they were at the party! So we talked with them about the neighborhood and got some info about the neighborhood association. The association holds a monthly meeting that is more about hanging out with your neighbors than anything else. I was told they all frequent the bar down the street after the meeting. I think I'm going to like these people!

Now if only we could get out of our lease... Keep your fingers crossed as I attempt to track down someone at our apartment's corporate office to get this sorted out. It's been four days of phone tag so far. Sigh...


  1. So exciting!!! When you are all settled in and baby is here we will have to take a road trip and come visit!!! Sounds like it will be a fun neighborhood, we still have never met any of our neighbors even after being there for 3 years, but they are all mostly older and aren't outside much themselves and we really are never home anyway

  2. I am so excited for you guys and cannot wait to come see the place!