Monday, April 25, 2011

WEEKEND RECAP: APRIL 15-17 & 22-25, 2011

April 15-17 Highlights:
- Going to the Conduits concert at the Slowdown (Icky Blossoms were good too!)
- Seeing my cousin, Jenna, for the first time in probably 15+ years
- Getting to hang out with Katie T. and meeting her ultra-cute nephew, Lucca
- Starting work on my first dress (The first piece of clothing I will make by myself!)
- Naps
- Bowling with Czech Club even though I lost. every. single. time.
- Pop's 92nd birthday party
- Getting really, really excited about our upcoming Las Vegas trip!
- Shopping spree!

- The bowling alley not letting me buy the awesome bowling ball I used. Yes, I asked.
- Having to take my car in to the car doctor. The good news is that they called this morning to let me know that it was nothing major, my tire was just about to fall off. No biggie.
- Not having enough time (or a car) on Sunday to go grocery shopping AND make Pops cookies for his birthday

 April 22-25 Highlights:
- Hanging with my friends in Ames
- Eating lots of yummy cake
- Homestyle Chinese
- Trying on MY wedding dress! (Oh, it felt so good!)
- Taking a long nap - a reoccurring theme
- Easter with the fam
-Having Monday off of work
- Watching the Time Traveler's Wife (good movie!)

- Not feeling well after eating Homestyle Chinese
- Not seeing Tim in concert
- Missing my bro, his wife, Pops, and Tom at Easter
- Forgetting my Easter basket at my parents house

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