Friday, July 16, 2010


I wanted to take a minute to introduce everyone to two of my favorites, Erin and Calypso.

For the last two years, they have been my loyal companions. They were born at Iowa State University in the school of Vet Med. After Andrew's previous roommate could no longer care for them, I decided to take them as my own.

Meet Erin!

Her hobbies include eating, taking up a lot of room on the bed, and sitting in "her" chair. Erin can be very stubborn but shows her love by head butting and licking. She is also very vocal when being affectionate. Her purr is so loud that it can wake you from a deep sleep!

Meet Calypso!

Her hobbies include begging for water from the faucet, talking to the birds, and helping make the bed. Calypso is a lover and enjoys sitting on laps. She is also a master escape artist. Almost everyday, she tries to run out the front door and always likes to stick her head out the window.

I'm sure you will be seeing much more of them in the future.


  1. Love these cats! Good post Ashley, made me smile! =)

  2. I love the names!!!!!!!! Especially Calypso!!!

    They're wonderful! How old are they?!

  3. Thanks guys! They look so much alike because they are half sisters which is pretty cool.

    Erin is a few years old, maybe 3. Calypso is younger at only about 1.5.

    Thanks for the comments!