Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We were up bright and early on Friday, July 2nd, and our cab arrived promptly at 5:40am! Once at the airport, we waited in line for what seemed like forever only to find out that we had to use the kiosk to check-in. Not cool, Delta.

Everything seemed to be going well until we arrived in Jacksonville. That's when Andrew received a call from his sister that their flight, along with there parent's flight, had been cancelled out of Memphis. Shame on you, Delta! Since they were going to be our ride to St. Augustine, we had to wait for his Aunt Lynn to pick us up. She was planning on coming anyway to pick up her husband. The only problem was his flight didn't get in for FOUR HOURS! Oh well... lunch and a few beers soon followed.

To my suprise, Aunt Lynn had brought her two dogs with her to the airport. I feel in love with Augie and Ms. Cooper right away.

Once in St. Augustine we meet up with Jody and Dee's family for drinks and apps before heading off to dinner. We had dinner at an awesome restaurant called Aunt Kate's near the water. It was picture perfect and so was the food! I would recommend the Blackened Red Snapper to anyone!

Since the rest of the family's flight had been cancelled, they rented a car and drove the rest of the way to St. Augustine. Andrew and I said some sleepy hello's to everyone when they arrived at 1:30am!

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