Sunday, July 25, 2010


What a weekend!

On Friday, we traveled to Alma, NE to meet up with our family for the Schlatz family reunion. It was a long drive, but well worth it!

We arrived later than everyone else, and after grabbing a quick bite to eat everyone was ready to head back to the hotel. Everyone except for the "kids". Renee had a campsite and we thought it would be a good idea to have after hours at her site.

There was some rain rumbling past us. Although we didn't catch any of it, we sure felt the wind coming off the lake! Renee's tent may have taken a beating or two.

Trying to start a fire in this wind was quite the challenge (for the boys). But once they got it lit, Chris did a great job getting us firewood. He isn't an Eagle scout for nothing!

Saturday was spent at the lake. We brought food and beverages to the campsite and Merv rented a boat. Jill's boys, Dan and Jake, also brought out their speed boat which put our pontoon to shame! It was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time on the tube.

Pops getting some sun!
Chris didn't like the biting flies.

The best part of the day might have been when we almost sunk the pontoon. Chris was driving and Kyle, Matt, Andrew and I were hanging out up front when we hit three big waves. Three waves big enough to fill the front part of the boat with water. The motor came out of the water, and I thought for sure we were going down! Chris killed the motor and we moved to higher ground. Our weight was enough to level out the boat and the water soon drain. Phewwww!

That night we headed back out to Jill's for dinner and drinks. Pops had bought some steaks and Matt did a great job grilling them up. We played some yard games (Chris and I lost miserably in ladder golf). But once the sun set, everyone was tired from a day of sun and fun.

Dad playing with his new camera

Today we spent the day taking a tour of our family history. First we visited my great great grandparent's house. It was falling in, but it was still very cool to see.

Chris thought it would be a good idea to try to and start the crank tractor on the lawn. No luck today though.

We stopped outside of the hosue to take a few family photos to remember the weekend.

Jalen, Diane, Chris, Lisa, Linda, Matt, Carolyn, Kyle, Amy, Me, Pat, Andrew, Charlotte
Renee, Jalen, Merv, Diane, Chris, Lisa, Linda, Matt, Carolyn, Kyle, Amy, Me, Pat, Mike, Lindsey
The next place we visted was my great grandparent's house. It was within walking distance of my great great grandparent's house, but beacuse of the weeds growing around it, we took the long way around on the road.

I was really excited to see the piano on the in inside. It was rotted and falling apart, but I took a key for myself. Although it was too shabby to go inside. It was cool to see where my mom visited her grandparents.

Pat lives across the road from my great grandparents house, and I was happy to see this sign. The original land purchased is now broken up, but still remains in the family tree! All 600 acres. WOW!

The last stop was the cemetary. We stopped to see where a few of the family members were buried.

I was glad to head back though. These last few weekends had been long. Although next week will be hard too, I'll be glad to be in my new apartment!


  1. wow i guess you couldnt wait to post it.

  2. I love the history tour! That's so awesome =) Great pics too!

  3. Wow, to see the houses of your great, great grandparents like that is amazing! Who gets to do that??