Monday, October 3, 2011


Did any of you see Reddit this weekend? Andrew made the front page! And with that, we read a lot of interesting/funny comments. 

In those comments, it was brought to my attention that Andrew apparently looks like a few celebs. This is something that i have never really thought of before. My husband looking like a celebrity? No one has ever really mentioned it, and I hadn't thought of it on my own. But I guess Andrew has a doppelganger. Whatever that means...

Let's see if you agree.

First up, Rob McElhenney. Let me start by saying that I hate It's Always Sunny. Maybe it's because it had been really talked up. Or maybe it's because it's not funny at all. But I wish they would all stop yelling all of the time.

Next, Wil Wheaton. This is a name I hadn't hear before. And I can't say that I know who he is even after seeing his picture. I really don't see this one, but I will let you be the judge of that.

So, what's the verdict? Rob? Wil? Neither? Both?


  1. Both! Maybe thebloggess Wil Wheaton collating photos look more like Andrew.
    I love the stacking photos from Redditt, super funny :) Can we see the comments online?

  2. You've never seen Stand By Me?!