Monday, October 17, 2011


This was the first weekend in a loooong time that I had some free time. And it felt so good! No wedding planning, no traveling, no nothing. It was much needed.

Friday: We went bowling with the Czech Club. We had a few beers, some great pulled pork, and a few terrible games of bowling. But "Becky" (my tried and true bowling ball) did me good. At one point, I was even winning. The winning didn't last long, but it was a small victory. 

Saturday: Farmer's Market! It was the last one of the year :( But it was beautiful weather and I had great company. We even stopped at the candy shop (my new favorite spot), before heading to lunch/brunch. And just like a kid, I ate my dessert BEFORE we had our meal. A cookie baked inside of a brownie... yes!

I then treated Andrew to lunch at Tommy Colina's. It's a new restaurant in town and there food was drool-worthy. I had the Omaha Omlet and Andrew got a very-typical-of-him breakfast burrito. I wouldn't mind going back to this place to give their lunch/dinner a try.

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, napping, taste testing some fall ales, and getting caught up on The Walking Dead. YES! We didn't catch the newest episode (and season premiere) last night, but we will watch it tonight. It's everything I ever wanted in a zombie show.

Friday night, we met up with some softball friends to celebrate Jill's birthday. It was nice to hang out with some new people and meet others! But our usual grandma/grandpa selves we were in bed by midnight.

Sunday: Run, made Andrew some pancakes, football, softball, and more football. Andrew then went to my brothers to make some beer for their upcoming hunting trip. I hope they save some for me!

Such a great weekend! Looking forward to hosting Nick and Emily next weekend and hear all about their honeymoon.

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  1. At Tommy Colina's you have to try the Chicken Diablo soup. It is FANTASTIC!