Monday, November 28, 2011


It all started with a phone call this afternoon. We were getting a Christmas tree. It will probably take the cake for best thing to happen to me this week! I could hardly contain my excitement.

Kitty in a box!

Armed with gift cards from the wedding and a Target coupon, we went shopping! I wasn't thrilled at first. I thought it was too skinny. But it turns out that it was perfect for our tiny apartment. And I love it so much!

Mom, please add the three wise men to my Christmas list!

We put of the rest of the decorations and our apartment is now complete, decorated, and full of Christmas cheer. Now, who wants some egg nog? And where is that snow I asked for?


  1. Cute tree!! But how do you keep Erin & Calypso away?? Still debating whether or not to get one this year, the last time was 2 years ago and Sebastian completely destroyed the branches and there wasn't a single ornament left on it :(

  2. bring on the snow and the eggnog sista. I'm right there with. Our tree is skinny too and I love it as well!

  3. I think your tree is cute! How do you keep the cats away? Our tree has no decorations on the bottom because of our kitten!

    visiting you from!

  4. Rhonda - Surprisingly, the cats could care less about the tree. It's nothing that we are doing. I guess we are just lucky. Bow on presents are another story...