Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Lately, Andrew and I have been struggling with the number of tv shows that we regularly watch and follow. Just this last week, we added another one to our roster, American Horror Story (highly recommended!). But every time I turn around, someone is recommending that we add this show or that show to our weekly agenda.

Currently we are watching addicted to:
Breaking Bad
Walking Dead
American Horror Story (we watched 5 episodes this weekend to get caught up...)
Game of Thrones

Shows we were watching and want to get caught up on:
Parks and Recreation
30 Rock
The Office
United States of Tara (this show was cancelled... but we are watching it through Netflix)

Shows we talk about watching:
Mad Men

Sometimes I feel like all we do is watch tv.... So I'm wondering, how many is too many? How many do you watch? But whatever you do, please don't entice me to add another one to this enormous list.


  1. I did have a long list of shows that I was DVRing,but then a few weeks ago our Dish box went out and we had to get a new one and all of those shows are goonnee....but oh well I am over it, life is too busy and exciting to get caught up in some tv show!!

  2. not to add to the problem, but COMMUNITY!!!! OMG! Best show on TV! Well, other than Louie on FX, but I don't stay as current with that one...

  3. I hear ya!! Tv shows are a nice way to escape reality for a short while. Or in my boring life, something to look forward to at the end of the day! Our list is getting longer too! I say watch as many as you want as long as they aren't taking over your life :) brad and I don't have tv but we do watch quite a few shows through the Internet. It is like a reward at the end of the day after accomplishing so much and working hard on everything else around the house! Enjoy!!

  4. ummmm you HAVE to check out homeland!! especially since your beautiful twin, claire daines is in it!! you guys would love it!

    ohh and tell me you guys are boardwalk empire fans!!

    also, i totally hate american horror story!! i feel like i'm the only one. the opening credits make me enraged!