Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Andrew's birthday is this weekend! Sometimes I think that he has the best birthday. Because his birthday is on the 27th, it's always around Thanksgiving. That means that he gets to spend his birthday with friends and family, gets an awesome meal, and unlike Christmas, he doesn't have to worry about it getting overshadowed with other things. Everyone is always up for celebrating a birthday around Thanksgiving!

The downfall... I almost never get a chance to celebrate with him as a couple on his birthday. For example, this Sunday we will be driving for a good part of the day, and I'm sure after a weekend for of celebrating we will just want to crash when we get home. Because of this, I always plan his birthday during the week.

Last night, we celebrated! After a killer birthday surprise last year, I had to step up my game. My original idea was to make a choose your own adventure book to take us from dinner to, to an activity, to dessert. And it morphed into this little book! Andrew still got to make all the choices, and I got to just sit back and let the fun unfold.

Let's start from the beginning.

Tonight we celebrate,
my favorite man!
Let’s get started,
on the night’s game plan.

You will decide
the route that we take.
Your birthday will be determined
by the choices you make.

The decisions won’t be hard
and should  be made with ease.
Don’t get worried now!
This will be a breeze.

Turn the page,
to let the fun begin!
The first choice will be,
where we go for din-din!

I hope you are hungry.
It’s time from some grub!
We could be going anywhere,
from a dive to a pub!

You won’t know the location,
until you take your pick.
But I’m already hungry!
So make your choice quick.

A. Steak
B. Italian
C. Exotic

The last pic is an older couple celebrating their anniversary. Cute!

He chose steak! So we were off to Brother Sebastian's. I had never heard of it until a coworker told me that she and her husband were going there for their anniversary. The decor and theme was so cool. It felt like we had stepped into a monastery. The servers even wore robes! The food was good, but not as great as I had hoped, but I think we would go back just for the atmosphere.

While we were eating dinner, Andrew went through the rest of the book to determine our activity (that we are going to save for another night) and his gift.

The wait is over,
and it’s time for your gift.
Although there’s no rush,
this decision will be swift.

Each choice is a desire,
you have voiced before.
So I’m sure your selection
won’t be a bore.

A. Clothing
B. Housewares
C. Media (He will be getting the new Zelda game for Wii)

Because the night is short,
and tomorrow is a work day,
we don’t have the time
to go out and play.

Try not to cry,
as this date is not done.
We will save the activity,
when we have more time for fun.

A. Movie
B. Ice Skating
C. Hockey Game

I was so excited when he chose ice skating. Con Agra opens an outdoor rink in December, and I think it will be so much fun.

Because we were done with dinner sooner than expected, Andrew picked our a movie for us from Redbox. Bridesmaids! I know... I'm a little late to this party. But it was so good, and sad. How come no one told me that I would laugh AND cry? C'mon!

I think Andrew really like his early birthday. I'm already excited to see what I come up with next year!


  1. That was super cute! And I'm glad you finally saw Bridesmaids...I laughed and cried too, you're not alone :)