Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I feel like I'm being a terribly picky bride. Trying to find pictures of bouquets that I actually like is hard! Ideally, my bouquet checklist looks seomthing like this:
- white and yellow flowers
- no daises
- no casscading
- no baby's breath
- simple
- inexpensive
- real flowers

Alas, I think I am asking for too much. I have only found one picture that shows bouquets that I love, and I'm sure that anything I pick will break my flower budget...


Another issue I have been struggling with is a seating chart. Although, I could really do without the added task of putting something like this together, I know that this is probably a must. I would really hate to end up with tables featuring blank chair and having a couple that can't sit together. Nightmare!

Now I have even more research to do! Add table numbers, escort cards, and placecards to my list. I think this is what I'm going to call the "wedding-planning blues". Anyone want to cheer me up?


  1. We could DIY table numbers and place cards. Sounds like another girls craft weekend is in order! Look on etsy for ideas! :)

  2. A: Take those pictures to a few florists (we used Hy-Vee and they were great) and show them your checklist. I can guarantee if it's a decent florist, they will be able to mock up something that's perfect, or at least come up with ideas of bouquets (in your price range!) that you will love.

    B: You don't have to do seating charts if you're stressing about it..I mean seriously, if you think the worst thing that could happen at your wedding is open chairs at a few tables, then you are lucky b/c there could be far worse disasters! :)

  3. We did not have a seating chart besides a few reserved tables for our parents, grandparents, and family of the ring bearer and flower girl. And if my knowledge serves me correctly, everyone sat with people they knew and no couples were seperated. DO NOT stress about it, it's just one thing you shouldn't have to worry about. We thought about doing them, but when we sat down and realized how much work and planning it is...we nixed the idea!
    And your flowers are going to be awesome...I like the picks! There are some options for bouquets that'll probably be cheaper. Maybe you could use peonies instead of roses, they are pricier per stem, but you need less of them because they are large. Camelias are also inexpensive and pretty and they come in yellow and white, but they are small. <3 you!

  4. Everyone loves to receive flowers. Give loved ones the gift that will last forever and not wilt away in a matter of weeks.