Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well, after sitting on it for about a week, I'm having the hardest time finalizing my New Years resolutions. I know that resolutions aren't for some people, but I like to think of them more as goals. I realized that there are a lot of things I want to accomplish and do this year. Actually, there are too many. I need to be realistic. I already have a lot on my plate for the year (including getting married!), and I don't want to set myself up for failure and disappointment. With that being said, here are my goals for the year...

1.Take care of myself. - Make time for myself and make better choices. Be true to myself. 

2. Have fun! - Sometimes I get really caught up in my to-do lists and I lose sight of what's really important.

3. Take it one day at a time. - Every day is a new day and a chance to start again. I can be really hard on myself and making a mistake shouldn't be an end all. I would like my life to include more gray and less solid black and white. No one is perfect, including myself.

And a few fun ones...

4. Get my Christmas cards out on time. - If you haven't gotten one yet, don't worry! They are almost ready....almost.

5. Attempt a food eating challenge. - I really believe I can do this! Adam Richman makes it look so easy.  How many Jimmy John sandwiches do you think you could put down? My number - 4. (This number is just a guess)


  1. Can't wait for the Christmas Cards! :)

  2. Sounds great! I think I could top you on that sandwich eating contest! :) Hope you 2011 is off to a great start!