Monday, October 25, 2010


What a busy few days I had. It started on Thursday night when Andrew, Nick, and I went to the Portugal, The Man concert at The Waiting Room. It was awesome. The music, the lights, the guys showing off their dance moves.

Friday night we met up with Andrew's coworkers for sushi and drinks at Blue. It was finally nice to be able to faces with names. Everyone was great and so nice. Later in the night we headed to Paul and Dan's house for a bonfire and more drinks. Their house was so cool! It was decorated perfectly for fall! I had a lot of fun playing with their dog, Murphy!

Saturday, Andrew and I had date day. I really enjoy being able to spend some time together and just relax. We went to The Garden Cafe for lunch. Yuck! That place was awful. From the service, to the food. I give this place a "D". I will not be going back.

We then hit up the theatres to see Jackass 3-D. It was gag-tastic. These movies are always good for a laugh or two. And we looked pretty cool in the glasses.

Nick and Emily came to Omaha for some pumpkin carving and football. I love our Halloween/fall tradition.

We had a lot of fun Saturday that carried over in to Sunday while we spent the day thrifting, watching football, and making food! The best part, the Packers won! It was an intense game. I thought Andrew might have a heart attack. I think it was our jerseys that did the trick.

I had so much fun this weekend, and I'm already looking forward to next weekend. Sarah and Ryan are visiting and we have lots of fun planned.


  1. PACKERS! that was a crazy game!!! Robin fell asleep the last 15 minutes. He alwasy does that and alwas misses the best part. I can't believe Farve threw all those interceptions, but it brought you guys a WIN! woo!