Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today, Emily and I went out in search of good buys at our local Omaha thrift store. We did pretty well at the first stores, while the last two left us more than a little disappointed.

First up, my cake stand. I'm not super excited about it (I really wanted a yellow one...), but this one is cheap and will get the job done.

Next, this rocking casserole dish. I love its vintage look with the white flowers. The only downfall is that it's missing a lid. Those can't be too hard to find though, right?

More milk vases. I only found two today, but that's ok because this one is really unique. It will def. help round out one of my centerpieces.

And the find I was most excited about.... Halloween stickers! Isn't that owl soooo cute?!?!

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