Friday, October 8, 2010


I spent the better part of last night watching Jersey Shore and making food for tailgating at this weekend's Iowa State match-up between ISU and Utah. On the menu, Crazy Brownies and Pickle Wraps (my girl Snookie would love those!)

What are Crazy Brownies you ask? A little bit of everything good on top of a brownie. Caramel, mashmallows, and candy corn top off this dessert.

Please... stop drooling already!

And now for everyone's favorite, Pickle Wraps. Are these the ultimate tailgating food or what? Meat, cream cheese, and pickles. You can't go wrong with these finger foods!

What are your favorite tailgating foods? I would love to try out any new recipes, so pass them along :)


  1. uh...I've never been tailgating...):
    but, I think beer would be my favorite tailgating food...hehe

  2. i just ate one of your pickle wraps not 2 seconds ago!!!!

  3. the brownies look yummy, but those pickle wraps look irresistable - I'd like one right now.