Thursday, October 21, 2010


1. Making a master guest list - I put it together. Now we just have to cut it down...

2. Putting together an idea board for the guys outfits - Still working on it. Finding dark blue vests (without a satin back) is harder than I planned on. I found this super cute vest on Urban Outfitters, but is $50 too much?

3. Hunting for a vintage cake stand - This was a lot harder than I thought it was. My mom and I stopped by the Brass Armadillo and found a cute candy dish to hold mints or nuts, a card box which is actually an old train case, and other random goodies! No cake stand in sight.... My friend Sarah did find a cute one online that I think might work.

4. Paying for the venues - Now that the venues are paid for, it's official! September 4, 2011

5. Contacting our officiant - Our friend Emily will be our officiant. I know she will do a great job and it will be so personal because she actually knows who we are as a couple.

6. Getting quotes for the chairs to be used at the ceremony - Holy crap chair are expensive!

This week's to-do:
1. Cake - I need to get pricing on sheets of cake and find out what we are going to do for our main cake.
2. Book our photographer - I'm so bummed. The one we really wanted already had a wedding booked for our date. I have found another one that is really good and I need to finish a few things up before it's done.
3. Book DJ - The DJ was almost fully booked when I talked to him last night. Geez! I need to get on it!
4. Order toasting glasses - I think I have found the perfect toasting glasses. They are going to rock!


  1. where are you having your reception?

  2. Don't let this photographer slip away!!

  3. Mary - Our reception will be at the Memorial Union on ISU campus. It's where we met :)