Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Erin helps me blog!

Reading: Game of Thrones. Are you sick of this answer? Fifth book in the series, and last one for awhile. Just a little bit longer! Then, I want to check out some Nora Ephron. I will shamefully admit that I have never read anything by her... (please don't throw any tomatoes!)

Watching: Downton Abbey and Girls are back on the air, and I can't get enough!

Listening to: Mumford and Sons, Alt-J, and Black Prairie. Good stuff!

Thinking about: All of the updates that I want to do to the house. Maybe the appropriate label would be dreaming about. I want to get things in order to really help it feel like home; more things on the wall, fresh coats of paint, new pillows and curtains. All in due time...

Loving: Sleeping. I feel like I can never get enough! I have been slacking on working out in the A.M. because I just need more snooze time. There is really only one way out of this rut, just get up.

Looking forward to: MEXICO! On Thursday, Andrew and I will be lounging on the beach, reading, drinking, and sleeping in. It will be wonderful!

Making me happy: Spending time with my husband. I feel it's so rare that we get quality time together, and I love even the small moments. Someday, the overnight shift will be just a memory, but for now we will do our best with what we have!


  1. Erin is such a good helper. See you tomorrow!! :)

  2. Have fun in Mexico, we just got back from the Bahamas and it was beautiful!!!