Wednesday, January 23, 2013

¡Hola amigos!

Well, the vacation is over and life is (almost) back to normal. We swam, laughed, drank, ate, slept, and lounged through our five day trip to Cancun. Our resort was really nice (people were ALWAYS cleaning), the food was good (but nothing to write home about), and the weather was great (even the overcast days). Overall, we had a great time with Sarah and Ryan, and I would do it all over again if I could.  Because no one wants to read an essay about all the fun we had, so I thought I would share a few fun lists that I put together to break up my never ending slideshow.

Most memorable moments:
  • Mayan ruins
  • Euchre games late into the night
  • Playa Del Carman - eating & drinking, shopping, trying to find a bathroom
  • Last day beach sunrise

Funniest moments:
  • Drunken phone calls from Sarah
  • Trying to swim in the ocean (I eventually got the hang of it)

Biggest Surprises:
  • The number of different countries represented at our resort
  • Meeting two other couples from Omaha
  • Seeing Sen. Ben Nelson on our flight/Hearing about Ryan seeing Andy Reid on their flight

Things we would have Googled if we had internet:
  • What happened to Mimi from the Drew Carey show?
  • Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Blood types

Things Ashley forgot to pack:
  • Pajamas
  • Razor
  • Hairbrush
  • Sunglasses


  1. Sounds like you guys had fun!! RE: Mimi if you ever catch Drew Carreys Improvaganza show like Who's Line... she makes appearances on there once in a while :) and PJs...really you were with your hubby lol

  2. LOVE this post and it looks like fun! I'm sure the hubs didn't mind the PJ's, but the razor???