Thursday, January 17, 2013


Andrew and I have have really starting to work on getting on bedroom in order. Get a headboard, paint the walls, put up artwork...

One day while browsing pinterest for art ideas, I saw a poster that I really liked. I really wanted a copy for our bedroom, but there was no download link (wishful thinking). I thought it was such an awesome and powerful quote that I just decided to put one together myself.

I created it in mint because that's what goes with our bedroom, but I also created one in navy because I thought it might be a little more versatile for everyone else. The file size is standard letter (8.5"x11"). If I did this right, you should just be able to click the link and download a copy directly. If that doesn't work, too bad. kidding! You just have to wait for me to get around to fixing it. Enjoy!


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