Monday, August 20, 2012


Well this weekend was our "official" housewarming party. Andrew and I had invited a bunch of his friends from HS to come on over for a weekend of good food, drink, and music galore! And we covered all of it.

Friday: We took Alex to the local watering hole (aka Side Door Lounge) before Tom, Flannery, and Steve arrived. We then spent the rest of the night drinking, catching up, and trying to keep Coby from loving on Tom too much.

Saturday: We headed to the Old Market for a traditional tour of Omaha complete with a meal at Wheatfields. We shopped and then headed to Benson to shop some more! Shopping made us hungry for drinks and bags in the backyard, which then made us hungry for real food. Fire up the grill! We ate dinner and made sure to leave plenty of time before the Murder by Death concert to head back to Benson for some games and booze at Beercade and Krug Park. The concert rounded out the night, and it was by far the best MBD show I have seen yet. But much to Andrew's dismay, they still didn't play End of the Line.

Sunday was spent cleaning and recovering. It was some much needed down time!

Thank you to those of you that came! To those of you that couldn't make it, we will see you in September for our second "unofficial" housewarming party when we have a large group crash for a local wedding. Hooray!

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