Thursday, August 23, 2012


Once again, here is my house! I know it still looks like we just moved in and haven't done anything, and I guess that's not too far off. Every time I think of things I would like to do to any part of the house, I start singing "If I had a million dollars..." If only!

First up, the bathroom in all of its glory! See the paint sample on the wall? I call that progress! Even if I did paint it back in June...

Welcome to the bedroom. Not much to see here. I do want to let you know that I worked very hard in this room to shuffle the clutter from one corner to another to give the illusion that we are organized. You are welcome.

I know, the office is a mess! I have a plan though. It may take a month or years, but it will get there. Just you wait and see!

I saved the best for last. No, really! The guest bedroom is probably my favorite room in the house. Know why? Because it has the least amount of mess, and needs the least amount of work! At least my guests will feel at home.

I hope you enjoyed your tour! I will keep you posted on all of the updates. They will be few and far between, but it's all about the journey.


  1. I really like this house and I am glad you posted some more pics. Yes there is lots to do yet but you have a great start already going. You visit flea markets for some treasures I am sure so do not forget the one in DSM once a month! Over years and years I found lots of my fav treasures there.

  2. We have been in our house almost 4 years and there is still lots I want to do!! Never ends, but you are making good progress, we need to come visit :)