Friday, December 23, 2011


My Christmas cheer is missing, and I don't know where to find it... This year, the holidays came out of nowhere. And now that they are here, they are disappearing faster than they came.

I blame the snow and all of the snow haters. It's no where to be find. (Points finger) And it's all your fault! Haven't you haters heard of a white Christmas? I don't live in California. I want my snow, and I want it now! - - - Tantrum over.

My cures for the Christmas blues include but are not limited to:
  • Listening to my extensive Christmas playlist on Spotify - Five hours on shuffle sounds about right.
  • Gingerbread lattes from Starbucks
  • Donating to the Salvation Army red kettles - This year, the guy who most looked like Santa got my cash.
  • Sledding or snowman building
  • Watching Muppets Christmas - No laughing, please.
  • Going shopping when the mall is packed - I need to feel the panicked energy of everyone else who waited last minute to buy any gifts.
  • Christmas lights tour
I would say wrapping presents, but I was highly disappointed with my paper selection this year. How did I end up with only blue snowman/snowflake Christmas wrapping paper? Blasphemy!

But I guess the holidays aren't over yet. I hope Jenny and Chris are ready for an obnoxious amount of cheesy dollar store party hats and decorations so we can ring in the new year properly.

What are your cures for the holiday blues? And please don't say eggnog. You eggnog people are on your own.

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