Thursday, December 29, 2011


I am so tired! Two nights of staying up way past my bedtime on a work night equals one sleepy lady.

On Tuesday night, Alex, Kelly, and one of their friends were grounded in Omaha after their flight to NYC was cancelled. Don't feel too bad for them. They got to hang out with us! And we are pretty cool in case you didn't know. A few drinks, some scratch tickets, and strong debate about babies in harnesses consumed most of our night. It was so good to see them! I think a trip to Ames is in order soon.

Last night, Andrew and I were dragging, and there was no way I was cooking dinner. On to Granite City! After we refueled, I convinced Andrew that we needed to go to the mall. He had to get some new jeans, and I just wanted to look. Well looking turned into a shopping spree! Fashion show!

Here, Andrew is sporting his new Calvin Klein jeans and Timberland waffle shirt. He also found a Oscar de la Renta sweater (This was only $20 down from $70! What?! We are good.) and Gap button up. Total: $83

And after many failed attempts at jean hunting, I scored some two pairs of work pants and two long sleeve tees from Gap. Total: $45 Bargain shopping is my fave :)

Then we headed to the Slowdown to see Jenna's concert. Her band, Conduits, is awesome, and I really love their music! I would like their album now, please. Alas, it looks like we will have to wait just a little bit longer... Until then, you can check out a few of their tracks online.

Can I go to bed now? Please?

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  1. You inspired me to go shopping and also found tons of bargains!! K in WDM