Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It's Wednesday. I think that means I should have updated my blog by now. Without further adieu...

Friday: Surprise! Andrew took me to Target to buy some beer for our weekend trip, but he lied. He was buying me a new digital camera instead! I can't believe he got away with it. Put a point on the board for Andrew! I hope you guys love it as much as I do :)

Trying on our clothes for tomorrow!

Saturday: We managed to wake up, run errands, AND get on the road on time. With a Starbucks in hand mind you. KC here we come! After meeting up with Nick and Emily and chowing down on some hotel grub (It was just ok...) it was time to go shopping.

The Plaza! This place has everything. We dropped some money at H&M and Forever21 and we did some window shopping at Betsy Johnson and North Face. This area of town is beautiful! Maybe next time we can take a carriage ride?

Next up, dinner at McCoy's and drinks at Kelly's with Emily's sister, her fiance, and his sister. Oh, and another surprise! We saw our friend, Will! He lives in KC and saw us drive by. What are the odds? We headed back to the hotel fairly early to catch some shut eye before our early morning wake up call. But we didn't go to bed right away... Oh, no we didn't! There were a few YouTube videos (1 & 2) and lots of jokes about my leftover buns from dinner.

Sunday: Game day! Packers gear on! Beers in hand and brats in our tummies, we headed for the stadium. Go Pack Go!

Or so we thought... The game was fun, but the stairs to our seats, the Packers losing, and our walk of shame to the hotel were not so fun.

We recovered. KC BBQ at Gates was up next! Too bad I gave it a big thumbs down... The meat wasn't for me and the sauce was just too hot. Sorry, KC. Better luck next time.

This made me smile! Thank you construction man!

Time to go home. I will miss Nick and Emily until next time. But I hope the next time I see KC, it has something better up it's sleeve.

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  1. Ashley, looks like you had a great time in KC. We went every spring for years and always stayed at the Raphael. No place like the Plaza at xmas (cept maybe that thar NYC!) LOL...have a great xmas! Kathy in W DSM