Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm back!

I bet you thought I fell of the face of the earth. Nope! Lucky you! Here is a run down of the last few weekends.

New Year's Eve weekend:

I have to thank my coworker Suzie for letting me get of a tad early on Friday. Because of that, we were able to get a head start on our way to MN to see Andrew's fam. It was a long drive and Andrew wouldn't stop for me to get some sushi to go... but we made it! I dropped Andrew off at our friend Brenden's apartment to get in some quality time, and I went to Jenny and Chris's to get some sleep.

Saturday, we met up with his parents and went to Mall of America for lunch and window shopping. That's right. I didn't actually buy anything. I'm kinda sad about it. Next time... We also saw Sarah and Ryan! They were in town for the football game the next day and it was nice to stop and chat for a few mins.

That's right, we grilled 'em!

That night was NYE! We stayed in and cooked up enough food to feed a small army. There was appetizers, steak AND crab legs. With full bellies and a little champagne, we rang in the new year in style.

Andrew talking Jim through a video game!

Sunday was a little slower. Jenny wasn't feeling well, but we made the best of it. More food, lots of football, and a few card games filled the day. We also celebrated Flater family Christmas and Jim's birthday! Nothing like killing two birds with one stone.

Monday we said goodbye to the family and met up with Brendan and his girlfriend for brunch before heading out of town. He took us to Al's in Dinkytown.

You actually have to stand behind the stools at the bar to wait for a seat.

It was great! I had never been in such a tiny restaurant, but the food was worth the wait.

It was so great to see everyone! Thanks for the great time MN! Until next time!

This weekend, Andrew and I were lame. And it was awesome. Friday we went shopping and saw the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Fantastic movie! Andrew worked a bit on Saturday and Sunday, and we spent the rest of the time playing cards (Phase 10 on sale at Target for $1.50! Whoop!) and watching tv. We have vowed to do more with our lives in the coming year, but we really needed this break.

Upcoming posts: I'll tell you about my new years resolutions and my latest cooking kick. Happy Monday!

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  1. I love Al's! I used to work right around the corner from there and went there all the time, usually going back to work smelling like bacon and grease. It's on the Food Network all the time.