Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Nick and Emily came to town for a visit and we were total geeks this weekend. We spent more hours than I would like to admit playing Hero Quest (which I am now determined to find at a Goodwill) and went the MC Chris concert.

Emily is sad about the super expensive Twizzlers, Andrew watching the Packers game, MC Chris

I guess I did some non-nerd things too:

- Baked (Cream Cheese Pumpkin Muffins)
- Cooked (Taco Pasta)
- Made returns and spent a lot of money at Bed Bath & Beyond (I'm now obsessed with that store)
- Cheered on the Packers
- Played softball
- Babysat
- Took a nap

Well, hot beans! It a good weekend :) This week is going to be CRAZY busy and full of nonstop action. I will try to get the honeymoon blogs up ASAP and hopefully return to regularly scheduled programming sooner rather than later.

It's work official! New name plate!

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