Sunday, September 25, 2011


Day 3: More Starbucks. It's a theme with us. We then headed to the lookout. What a view!

We also realized that we were close to the Steam Clock in Gastown. Cute area and a cool clock. We ooh'd and ahh'd, shopped, and talked about moving to Canada. Lunch! On the menu: Miura Waffle Milk Bar. This was on my must-do list. Fantastic! I want to make these at home. I want to open a restaurant and make these for everyone to enjoy. I want one right now!

Later that night, we geared up and headed to G Sports Bar and Grill for some Packers football. (Bucket of 4 Bud Bottles - $17... C'mon!)

Surprisingly full of Packers fans. Win! And I got Andrew to try Poutine Fries with me. Nom. Fries + cheese curds + gravy = genius. And the Packers won! Hooray!

Day 4: Changing things up and heading to the Granville Market for some donuts. Lee's Donuts. We were too early for the fancy ones (Blueberry, Apple, etc...) but we scored some good ones.

Took a spin around the place to pick up some munchies for lunch - olive medley, goat cheese, and bread. We then headed to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I didn't think Andrew would handle it too well, but I was the one who wasn't a big fan.

We also checked out the cliff walk and treetop tour.

After chowing down on some yummy food, we headed back to the market to take a tour of the Granville Island Brewery. Tiny, tiny place.  But good beer! That night we ate dinner at Basil Pasta Bar. Go there if you ever go to Vancouver. 


  1. Love the honeymoon posts! You guys took some good pictures. Is there going to be a wedding post coming too? :)

  2. Becca - I should work on a wedding post. Duh! I'll put some pics together when we get them back from our photographer!