Monday, August 16, 2010


What a busy weekend! On the agenda - girl's night, Mal's bachelorette party, and Adventureland. Ready? Here we go!

Friday night, we pulled into Des Moines, IA and met up with my friend Emily at her workplace. We ran a few errands and headed downtown for drinks on the town.

 We met up with Sarah, Laura (not pictured), ......

Jess, and her fiance Brett (yes, he is a weatherman on tv!)

Too much sangria was had, and it was a lot of fun! But I needed to get a lot of shut eye if I was going to make it through Saturday night.

The next day, Emily had to work, but Sarah and I were off to brunch at a place called Drake Diner! I should have taken pictures of the food. Highly recommended!

It was a beautiful day. Sarah and I took full advantage of it while we chowed down on Captain Crunch french toast and a veggie benedict. Too good!

That night was the big night for Mal! I headed to Tracey's house. Her sisters were throwing the party and they did a fab job :) Mal's party was complete with amazing food, a penis pinata, lingerie guessing game, and Cody (her fiance) trivia. It was such a good time!

Things got really interesting when we jumped on the party bus! Our bus driver Saturday, (I kid you not, that was his name!) drove us downtown where we hit up Court Ave Brewery and Hessen Haus.

Sisterly love <3

Next, Saturday took us to one of his favorite places. Who knows where it was?!?! But he got us free shots!

Crystal was my freshman year roomie! I wouldn't know Mal if it wasn't for her!
By the end of the night we were all pretty crazy! The bus dropped us off at another bar and we got rides home from Tracey's husband and his friend. What good guys.

The night ended with me meeting up with Katie T., Tessa, and Emily who were all at Tessa's bachelorette party. From the looks of it, they had a pretty good time too. By the time Nick came to pick us up, we were all having too much fun taking a midnight dip in the pool :)

Sunday was a busy day at Adventureland! We were all moving pretty slow that morning, but by noon everyone was ready to ride the rides. My camera was acting goofy (what's new...) but I managed to get these pics.

Ready for the falling star!

Waiting for the Raging River
A lot of the rides were closed, but I think everyone had a good time. I can't wait until I can see everyone again!

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