Friday, August 6, 2010


I love Goodwill. I actually love all thrift, vintage, and antique stores. I think I get it from my mom! Hi Mom! (She reads my blog!)

Last night, I was bored an found a Goodwill just a few blocks from my new apartment. I looked through almost the whole store without finding any new treasures to go with my new apartment. Until I spotted this guy!

How cute is he! I'm not sure where he will go yet, but I think he will be a great addition to my place. I think he might need some color though. Either spray painting his body, or purchasing a new shade. I just can't decide! What do you think?


  1. I love him. Maybe painting the body would be good, but then it could be a little much too. You would have the owl eyes following you everywhere...maybe just a fun lampshade would be best :)

  2. Thanks Becca! I'm going to see what Target has to offer in the way of new lamp shades. I'll keep everyone posted!