Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have a list of things I need to get done in September. Not little goals like do the dishes, brush the cats, etc.. I'm talking about stuff I have been putting off for far too long. And now that everyone knows about it, feel free to hold me accountable!

1. Ride my bike 20 miles every week.
I can admit it. I have been neglecting my bike recently. We haven't had as much quality time together as I would like, but that's going to change this month. There is a trail within blocks of my apartment, and there is no reason for me to keep the bike in storage any longer!

2. Finish quilt.
I have been working a purple rag quilt forever. FOREVER! It needs to be done and out of my closet where it is wasting valuable shoe and clothing space.

3. Send out at least 10 cards/notes/love letters.
My friends need some mail love to let them know that I care about/appreciate/am thinking of them. Like I said before, who doesn't love snail mail?!?

4. Donate blood.
I have schedule two appointments in the last few months and have canceled both of them. I feel like such a donating slacker. This month, I'm kicking that slacker out the door!

5. Cross two things off of the 2010 bucket list.
Two things doesn't sound that hard, right? Well, it is. With the crazy schedule I have been dancing around lately, it's no wonder the bucket list is suffering. These items have yet to be decided, but I'm sure they will be fun!

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  1. Is the quilt on your bucket list? 2 birds with one stone?
    - Brian