Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well, Andrew and I didn't technically go on a date, but it felt like we did AND we watched the movie date night! Yippee!

Andrew was my photographer for the night
Last night, Andrew got off work at a decent time and we decided to put to use the peppers he had gotten from a coworker. All different shapes and sizes of peppers were going to be mixed with ripe tomaotes, onion, and cilantro to make one mean salsa.

Once everything was made and put in the fridge to brew, I relaxed with a bottle of wine (which was a surprise from Andrew) and we settled in to watch Date Night. I would dare to say that it was the perfect kind of Monday evening.

I hope you had a good Monday too! I've give you an update on the status of the salsa tomorrow.

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  1. looks like fun! What a nice date night!