Monday, September 16, 2013


Monday Haters Club

Well I was planning on writing about my fun weekend, but instead you get to hear about Monday...

It all started when Andrew's car wouldn't start this morning... I then had to wake him up so he could help me get it started, drop it off at the repair shop, and find a ride to work.

When Andrew came to pick me up after work, he called to let me know that my car had a flat. My amazing coworker, Jann, was able to drop me off at the repair shop so I could pick up his car, run home to make dinner while he waited with my car, pack him a lunch, and then go back to wait with my car so that he could go to work. A hour later, the repair guy finally shows up.

Because of the car madness I was late to work, had to cancel a dog meet-n-greet, and my dinner was cold. Oh, and my Macbook died today. RIP Macbook.

Goodnight, Monday.

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  1. This is terrible so of course it made me laugh :) Here's to a better Tuesday!