Thursday, December 13, 2012


Last weekend while we were visiting Andrew's parents, I learned a little something about my husband that I didn't know before. Just when you think you have heard it all...

One week while Andrew's mom was cleaning his room, she made an interesting discovery. She called in Andrew's dad to talk about what they had just found. There was something in there that no one would expect to find.

Earlier in the week, Stephanie had made a purchase and received it in the mail. The company? Victoria Secret. Like most companies tend to do, they sent some additional marketing material. I guess Andrew found some of it and decided that he needed to keep some for himself.

Although finding a catalog full of half-naked women is something that you find in your teenage son's room, you usually don't find it between the mattresses of your five-year-old.

When Stephanie asked Jim what they should do about it, Jim's response, "Not a thing!"

I couldn't stop laughing! Nice work, Andrew!


  1. Haha, wow not something you'd expect a 5 year old to do!

  2. Ha oh my is this what I have to look forward to with Ethan, too funny