Thursday, February 13, 2014


Reading: I am slowly, slowly reading Jodi Piccoult's Sing You Home. I have always loved her books. They are an easy read, and sometimes I just need that. But this one is different. It feels forced... like she felt a need to write a book that included a lesbian relationship because it's a current hot topic. I think I might need to break up with Jodi for a bit. It's just not working out...

Watching: Omg! Omg. You and everyone you know should be watching Broad City on Comedy Central. It's like watching my life if I were a single female with my best friend trying to navigate our way through jobs, men, and everything in between while living in a big city. Well that sounded like Sex and the City, but I can guarantee it's not. Yup.

Listening to: My current guilty pleasure is Dark Horse by Katy Perry. Shhhhh. Andrew acts like it's the worst song ever invented, but I completely disagree!

Thinking about: I really want to register for another half marathon. My criteria? Bling! I want a cool medal. My dream half marathon is the Disney Princess race in Florida. The medal is a shaped like a tiara. What?!? Awesome. Anyway, a trip to FL isn't in my near future for now so my hunt continues. I'm open to suggestions!

Loving: I have been having a lot of girl time lately! It's just what I needed. It keeps me busy and social. I need more of this in my life.

Looking forward to: I'm trying to work on our budget so we can start making some improvements and renovations to the house. Right now, I can only do little things here and there, but I am ready to do so much more.

Making me happy: It's occasionally warm enough that I can finally take Coby out for some walks. Anything above 40 sounds like a heat wave! I think we are all getting spring fever and taking walks is the only cure.

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