Monday, July 29, 2013


Hello? Is anyone there? Wondering where I have been? Well lately, I have felt very uninspired, lonely, bored, and stressed. These, unfortunately, don't make for very good blogging material. But after taking a break from the blogging world, I think I might be ready to jump back in. So let's test the waters with a little weekend recap, shall we?

checking out the goods

unexpected double date / the conjuring / taco truck / side door lounge / andrew's first auction / a quiet afternoon with my parents / drinks with andrew's aunt and uncle in town for RAGBRAI / church / napping

captain karen - it's a boy

the conjuring / long run

Please tell me that you all have been to an auction before. I feel like this is something that is very foreign to anyone that didn't grow up in my small town. Andrew was highly impressed and wants to go to another one next week. Well, that's ok with me!

grill master

Notice that the conjuring is on both the highlights and lowlights list? Yeah... Scariest movie I have ever seen. This is also the main reason that church is on my list. After watching that movie, I needed more God in my weekend.

Let's not talk about the long run listed under lowlights... yet.

Short. Sweet. The end.

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