Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Andrew and I celebrated Halloween over the weekend by going to see my cousin, Jenna, at her bar and going to another cousin, Renee's, Halloween party. We thought we were being so clever with this year's Halloween costumes. Maybe a little too clever! Only one person knew who we were... Success?

I think we pulled it off pretty well. What do you think? Can you guess who we were?

Stumped? You are not alone! We were two of the members of the Portland Adult Hide-and-Seek League from the show Portlandia. Here the is skit!

Coby was begrudgingly a cowboy. This is the cycle. We put on his cowboy hat. He shakes it off. We put on his cowboy and tell him no when he starts to shake his head. He stops trying to shake the hat off but puts his head down and looks like the saddest chocolate lab you have ever seen. I can't stand it so I just take it off. Next year, he will def. be something that doesn't have a hat. Suggestions are welcome!


  1. Oh Coby! That's so stinking cute/ hat next year for sure!