Sunday, March 2, 2014


About a week before my birthday, I started thinking about how far I have come in my life and all that I have accomplished. I am married, I own my own home, and I have a job I love. But I also never want to stop learning and growing and just being a better me. I also really love lists.

me and my fav 14 mo old

With that in mind, I decided to start thinking of all of the things I wanted to do before I turned 30 in just a few short years. I may be in a bit over my head, and I should really get started on this list if I want to make it a reality. But I think writing it down and having a sense (even a false one) of accountability is a good idea.

Although I originally started the list with the goal of 30-before-30 in mind, I didn't quite make it that far. I really thought about what I wanted to do, and I didn't want to just fill it up with junk just to make it sound good. So instead of something that sounds marketable, you get a list of 25. Cool, huh?

1 / Take a calligraphy class
2 / Learn to play the cello or ukulele
3 / Learn Spanish
4 / Go to Europe
5 / Host a dinner party
6 / Take a vacation with my parents (Alaskan cruise, maybe?)
7 / Remodel kitchen/basement
8 / Learn to stand up paddle board
9 / Get another tattoo
10 / Journal weekly
11 / Become involved in a young professionals group
12 / Go to a music festival
13 / Read five classic books
14 / Complete full size quilt
15 / Learn to tailor my own clothes
16 / Simplify, downsize, and declutter closets, rooms, and storage
17 / Digitize and organize old photos
18 / Be debt free with the exception of the mortgage
19 / Run two more half marathons
20 / Go on a bike adventure
21 / Get certification in nonprofits
22 / Start a brunch club
23 / Make a stop motion video
24 / Volunteer
25 / Go to SNL

Maybe it will change, maybe it will grow, maybe it will shrink... but I think it's a pretty good place to start!

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  1. Sarah Kramer MichelsMarch 4, 2014 at 9:19 AM

    Great list!! SNL would be so fun!! I took a studio tour there when I visited New York in high school but didn't actually get to see a live taping!