Thursday, October 24, 2013


More weekend updates! Has it really been six whole weekends that I have been behind? Shame on me.

October 3-6: This was an extra long weekend that was spent with (most) all of the Flater family to celebrate the life of Mary Lou Flater. Mary Lou passed away on September 27, and the family gathered on October 4 to pay our respects. For the funeral, all of the family members sported buttons that Mary Lou had hand painted or collected. Mary Lou would have loved it!

I cannot think of another time when everyone has been together like that. We have decided to make it a yearly event, and I am so happy about it! I haven't had that much fun in a long time.

October 11-13: We traveled across the great state of Iowa for the second time in two weeks to celebrate the wedding of Emily and Brad Meyer! It was nice to spend some extra time with Andrew's parents and our friends. By Sunday, I was exhausted and ready to not go anywhere for quite some time...

October 18-20: FINALLY! A weekend at home with nothing on the agenda! Phew. Date night on Friday meant that Andrew and I got to really enjoy some one-on-one time by going out to dinner and then to see Les Mis at the Omaha Community Playhouse (fan-freaking-tastic!). We ended the night by watching the Cardinals win the final game of the series to move onto the World Series! Whoop! Saturday was spent at the farmer's market, bottling a home brewed beer (pumpkin!), and then heading out for fun times with Matt and Jenny. Sunday, I didn't change out of my pajamas.

We are all caught up now! I feel so accomplished.

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