Thursday, August 29, 2013


Erin wanted to be in the picture too!

Another year, another fantasy football league. Last Sunday, we had our draft for both the girls' league and the couple's league. I'm happy to report that I have Aaron Rodgers as my QB in both leagues! I'm not quite sure how I got that lucky, but I will take it.

A few years ago, I never thought I would be playing this game. Andrew was so into it, and I just didn't understand the appeal. I'm so glad he changed my mind. It helps that ESPN breaks down all of the stats for you (and predicts the points each player will get). Another thing I love is that I'm able to keep in better contact with all of my friends who don't actually live near me. We smack talk about our match-up and occasionally make small side bets. I think Andrew is just happy that I want to watch more than just the Packers game.

Also this year, I am in a pick 'em league where I choose the winner of one game every week. I'm not sure that I will make it further than the second round (double elimination), but I'm excited to try it anyway.

Do you play fantasy football? 

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