Wednesday, June 19, 2013


So, something crazy happened about a month ago. I registered for my first 1/2 marathon. WHAT?!? I really don't know what I was/am thinking. I'm looking forward to the challenge, but I'm also very terrified.

In my head, I run through all of the what if scenarios. What if I trip over a untied shoelace and break my leg? What if I have to go to the bathroom and don't make it?  What if I don't finish? I really, really want to do this. I want a freaking medal! I want to put one of those stupid 13.1 stickers on the back of my car. (Do I have to do more than one 1/2 marathon to get one?)

Sometimes, I get ridiculously nervous just thinking about it. But then I remember RAGBRAI. RAGBRAI was hard. Very hard. There was one day that I didn't think we would make it. But we did. We finished. And finishing is more important than making a certain time or a medal. It's proving to myself that I can push myself and my body to do some pretty amazing things.

If you had told me a few years ago (right after I ran my first 5k) that I would be doing this, I would have called your crazy. During that whole 5k, I hated it. I thought that I would never do anything like that again, but then I finished. There is something so rewarding about crossing that finish line. And I'm really looking forward to the 1/2 marathon finish line.

The best part is that my mom and Andrew are doing it too! If you would like to cheer us on, we will see you on September 22 at the Omaha Marathon! See you then!

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