Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hey! Long time, no see! Things have been kinda crazy around here... Hence the lack of blogging. I'll try to give you a quick run down of a few we have been up to.

- We went to KC! We spent a Friday night in KC with Andrew's coworkers. Nothing really went as planned... it rained the whole time, the baseball game was cancelled, Matt got "lost," and we didn't plan enough time for the brewery tour. But we did go on a stadium tour, run into my old friend Brianne, ate some great BBQ, and had a lot of fun bowling. Overall, I would still give the trip a thumbs up.

- We have been hosting dogs since May 4. Three weeks, five different dogs, one tired Ashley. There have been numerous walks and trips to the dog park, I've filled more water bowls than I can count, and it's all been worth it. The extra income is helped us pay for our trip to Colorado!

- Limp Bizkit - After cancelling our plans to wait for a dog drop off, we decided to head down to our local watering hole for refreshments. We met a couple of kind gentlemen who invited us to join their table for a few drinks. After a few beers, they invited us to the Limp Bizkit concert. The offer was too good to refuse, and it was actually pretty fun. We were completely out of place, but it's def. something I will never forget.

- We also went to Colorado, and that will be in a whole other post!

Is that it? I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I guess that's what I get for not updating sooner. I'll will get better at this! 

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