Friday, April 5, 2013


Well, our house is officially a zoo. In addition to all of our animals, we are watching three other dogs - Lyle, Paxton, and Buddy. And things are going surprisingly well! The dogs are well-behaved, bedtime was a breeze, and the cats have survived. Win!

Andrew said it kinda felt like babysitting, and I can see why. These are other peoples' babies! Just like we think of our pets as family, these dogs are part of someone's family. Right after lights out last night, Andrew and I were tiptoeing around the house and whispering. We didn't want to wake the sleeping babes! I'm so glad that we have had this opportunity and that people have trusted us with these awesome pets.

Next month, we will welcome two different pups into our home. Hopefully, everything will go just as well!

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