Friday, April 26, 2013


I wanted to post about all of the walks that Coby and I should be taking right now, but that isn't the case...

Lately, Coby has been having a lot of soreness in his joints. He frequently shifts his weight, whines when he lays down or gets up, and flinches if you rub near his front leg. Poor guy! We did started him on a glucosamine regimen and got him an extra large bed with memory foam (spoiled!), and we hope it helps.

Coby was able to take a trip with me before he started feeling crumby. Last Friday, Coby played office watchdog with me at work. He loved it! I'm so glad he came.

Right now, he is staying with gma and gpa while Andrew and I take a short trip to KC with friends. My parents just love spending time with the grandkids! Have fun buddy!

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